Leader in the Industry for 35 Years

Leader in the Industry for 35 Years


Battaglia Electric Inc. has been constructing quality electrical, low voltage and technology solutions since 1981. We are an established leader in the construction and maintenance of electrical solutions and construction practices. In addition to ground up construction, our highly skilled management and technical teams perform yearly maintenance and project upgrades, critical path retrofit projects, emergency response and staff augmentation. This diverse portfolio helps us maintain a large local Delaware staff of available personnel to support almost any size project. We can offer a large bonding capacity to our clients and have a stable financial background to support the projects we are awarded.


Relationship Driven


We are a relationship-driven organization that works with our clients through collaboration, to find the right fit of services and management to deliver value. When you work with us, you get a team approach that knows and understands the challenges projects face. Not only are we reliable and financially stable company, but a partner that understands the importance of safety, quality, and best industry practices. Battaglia Electric is a versatile contractor and has the ability to execute a broad range of project requirements. Not only do we offer a higher standard of quality and service, but hold the right combination of abilities that suit us for this challenging project.


Safety First


Battaglia employs a full-time Safety Director. Our current EMR rating which has decreased for the past three years has been the reason for 2014 Governor’s Safety Award awarded to our team last month.


All-Inclusive Electrical Contracting


Battaglia Electric will provide a comprehensive execution and schedule plan that demonstrates our ability to meet the safety, schedule, and quality requirements for the project. The execution plan focuses on the integration and coordination of electrical systems, structured cabling, security, lighting protection, fire alarm and audio visual team with all project stakeholders. This provides the project with seamless information and reporting methods between the work scopes.


Experienced Work Force


Internal data gathered from previous projects gives us the ability to confidently forecast a projected staff of individuals to perform the execution each project. Our field men and women are from the Local Union IBEW, who are fully trained and certified assistance of professionals to complete tasks in peak durations. Battaglia looks to not only be a financial recipient from each project, but a conduit to provide economic growth to many local residents employed on the project as well.


Staying on the Cutting Edge


Our management team is made up of electricians and senior experienced Project Managers. We have computerized estimating processes, CAD (with plotting capabilities), BIM capability & experience, in house accounting, office to field networks, and we use the latest technologies to keep the lines of communication open and the project running smooth. Our Project Managers have collaborated with customers through the Integrated Project Delivery Process. IPD Agreements have proven increase value to the owner, reduce waste, and maximize all efficiency through all phases of design, fabrication, & construction.


Convenient Location


Our convenient location in New Castle, Delaware maintains large office space as well as a 17,000 square foot warehouse facility for prefabrication, in addition to a 15,000 square foot secure yard.


Track Record


Based on our proven track record, along with the extensive technical qualifications, previous project experience, we have confidence in our ability to complete each project on time and within budget. These key attributes can be depended for projects to be successful. Each project will receive the corporate and executive attention that it deserves. We are confident in our ability to provide every project the highest level of quality, to meet the customer’s long term needs. Our years of experience will create exceptional value to the project team.